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Soysambu Conservancy

A little piece of Eden

Bordered by Lake Nakuru National Park, the Conservancy is spread out over 48,000 acres and is part of the Rift Valley World Heritage site. The land still bears the scars of the ancient volcanic upheavel of the area with calderas and volcanic lava flows dotting the savannah landscape. Hints that our distant ancestors inhabited this area are found in the frequent discoveries of obsedian tools and earthworks.

Soysambu is renowned for its outstanding birdlife with over 450 recorded species, while Lake Elmenteita is an important feeding ground for the greater and lesser flamingo as well the great white and pink backed pelicans among other water birds.

The wildlife is varied from the Rothschild giraffe to eland, warthog and and a variety of gazelle. Lion and hyena are frequently spotted while leopard are a little bit more elusive although ever present.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy on Soysambu from horse riding, camel trekking, night game drives and for the more adventurous: motorbike safaris.

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